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​Hello, I am Carri Donnan

  Will and I love living in St. Augustine. I first came here as a child and told my Dad that “someday I would live here". I just knew it.
  In the year 2000, we came here house hunting. When we first saw this house, we knew It was to be our great place to live.
Will and I have traveled the world studying and teaching at Sacred Sites. In the last few years, we have put our focus on the ancient stone circles and crop circles in England, Ireland and Scotland.
  My experience with dowsing began in 1979, when I bought a horse farm and needed to locate an additional water well. I called the local well drilling company and they sent out an elderly man who walked over to a willow tree and took off a branch. He then started walking a grid pattern over the field. I began to laugh and he said “come on give it a try, I believe that you have the gift”. I did and then was later asked by the company to go to other locations and help them to decide where to drill wells. I joined the American Dowsing Society and found out dowsing can be used for many things. It is a wonderful tool to better understand Human energy fields, Ley lines, gem mines, crop circles, map dowsing etc. I studied with many prominent dowsers and I continue to develop my dowsing skills. I have taught many people how to tap into their own abilities. Will and I can give you a simple class on how to start to develop this ancient skill for yourself.