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Private séances and psychic readings available 
Rev. Carri Donnan was born and raised in a spiritualist household. Her ancestry goes back to the Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg. Because of her many years of experience and strong connection with the higher vibrational energies that allow clear, pure communication from the spirit side of life. She and husband William are now offering an opportunity for you to have your own personal circle of LOVE séance. This circle is meant  to communicate with spiritual energies in other dimensions. It many come in many forms.  Spirit often shows itself thru small glowing light, a familiar smell, taste or even a light loving touch my be felt while in circle. There may be messages conveyed from the other side of life. These messages may come in many different ways thru several different tools. These tools include talking boards and tipping tables, spirit photos or dowsing tools may all be used by spirit  The agenda of your personal circle of love, goes as follows. 
We will gather in a small safe, comfortable and relaxing chapel area. The room is candle lite or often red light is used for a  somewhat darkened room. This is to create the best possible environment to reach beyond the veil. The session begins with Rev. Carri or Rev. Will saying a prayer for God's love and light to come surround us. Then there will be a short meditation asking only the highest and best come merge their energies into the circle with us. Angels, Spirit guides and teachers may bring loved ones to communicate with you. They can make their presents known in many ways. A substance called ectoplasm is drawn from the mediums and sitter that are present for those on the other side of life to use to make phenomena occur. Ectoplasm often appears as a mist or a gauze like substance that spirit can create materialization. As with all spirit contact and psychic phenomena, there is no guarantee as to what form spirit communication will take. The only thing that we know for sure is that it will be of a positive manner and meant to help reconnect with the other side of life, beyond the veil. Come with an open mind and a heart filled with love and we will have a beautiful spiritual experience. God is GREAT. Expect the unexpected and know that it will all be good.  
 This circle of love is meant to bring emotional, spiritual, and physical healing to those who request it. A feeling of peace of mind and over all well being is the most common result of sitting like this  There are certain guidelines that you will be asked to follow. Often bringing an object owned by the loved one will encourage their energy to come closer. Bringing bottled water is recommended The doors open at 7:00 p.m. Circle begins at 7:15 p.m. circles will last until the energy withdraws, usually 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Once the circle starts, you should remain inside the Chapel until the circle is closed when a closing prayer is said.

While visiting St. Augustine, make sure to see the many sites and to allow the  positive power of this town to relax and revitalize you, mind, body and spirit. Some of the places that we recommend you visit are.... 
                                                                                                                                              The Fountain of Youth:
I have found major ley lines here.  Ley lines are electromagnetic fields of energy that the Earth emits.  I have also detected the intersecting of underground streams in this same area.  These underground streams flow out through the underground cracks and veins north and west through the Fernandina Beach cavernous permeable zone and across the state to connect with other aquifer systems.  I have found the intersecting of these lines in the area of the Fountain Of Youth. The energy here is strong and powerful and easily detected.  This was well known by the local Timucuan Indians and they had a village there called Seloy.  Could it be that the ley lines guided the first explorers to this very point?  This area is a real point of power and has a profound positive effect on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  After spending time in the Fountain of Youth area, I feel my energy restored and an inner sense of balance and well-being. 

Albert Einstein said, “Intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. The truly valuable thing is intuition.” 

The energy in the Fountain of Youth area is easily detected with dowsing tools.  This is a perfect place for beginners to develop their dowsing skills.   Before beginning to dowse for energy, center yourself and take three deep, slow breaths.  With each breath, feel the white light of God filling you and connecting you to your Higher Self. Basic beginner dowsing classes are available here for $20.00.

     Say to yourself, “only good can come to me and only good can come from me.”

Then walk on to...

The Senator (600+ year old live oak tree):
The old Senator was a mature tree when Ponce De Leon landed in Florida in 1513.
I made friends with this tree many years ago and feel he stores thought forms and emotions from the past just as a battery stores energy. His Aura is huge and easily detected with dowsing tools. It can also be seen if you stand back and gaze at the sky just over the top of the tree. There is a constant energy exchange that looks to me like a halo with bubbles flowing in and out from it. Take time to quiet your mind and ask what the Senator has to share with you.

The Old Jail:
The Old Jail could easily be called the house of KARMA. If you did the crime you spent your time there. Karma is the universal law that states "what goes around comes around". I believe that no GOOD deed ever goes unrewarded and no BAD deed ever goes unpunished. It only sometimes seems that way when we look at things in the short span of one lifetime and not from the broader perspective of the eternity of the soul.

Nombre Dios mission:
Pedro Mendez Aviles proclaimed this site for Spain and erected a wooden cross where Father Lopez held the first Mass.  The Great Cross is a stainless steel 208 ft. high cross.  It is a beacon of faith that was erected in 1966.

Dolphins were a symbol of the early Christians and a sacred messenger form God to the Greeks.  Dolphins speak to me as the "Keepers of Interspecies Communication".  As humans, we have lost the ability of communication by telepathy, which is the prime means of communication for many other species.  Dolphin comes to reconnect us to this gift.  Loadstone, a natural magnet that helps connect to the dolphin’s natural sonar abilities, have been used by mystics and Shaman to call the energy of Dolphin.  If Dolphin appears to you:  physically, clairvoyantly, clairaudiently or during dream-time, ask yourself what message they have come to give?  Take the time to pay attention to your inner and outer visions.  Be mindful of everything around you and allow yourself to receive impressions.  Messages can come from unexpected sources.  I believe that both dolphins and whales are swimming libraries of the history of planet Earth.  Legend says that they were once mammals that walked the Earth that moved to the ocean when Lemuria went below the waves.  They have the wisdom of the Ancients and will share it with you if you ask.  I have had repetitive dolphin visits at what I have come to call "Dolphin Cove".  They seem to appear especially during times of stress.  Their playful antics and reassuring presence have comforted and guided me many times.  I can see the "Great Cross" from my porch and use that as a connecting rod to the cove.  I often spend time in meditation while gazing at the cross and talking to the dolphins. Take the time to connect to them and you will have a wise friend for life.

Cemeteries and burial grounds:
When visiting the burial grounds, try to remember the trails and the triumphs of those who walked these grounds before us. To me these are places to honor our ancestors. As I walk the grounds I often wonder about the lives of those buried there and where the essence of their souls are now? Have they returned to the physical plane through reincarnation to complete unfinished tasks? Do those same souls walk beside me today as my friends or neighbors? Tune in and see what thoughts you receive.

The Churches in this area have such a comforting feeling to me. They are places of power where people join together in fellowship to worship the GOD of their understanding and to seek higher guidance. These are places that emanate peace, love and hope. 

Fort Castillo De San Marcos:
A place of safety in times of trouble.

Colonial Quarter:
Allow the Angels to guide you back to what life was like in 18th century St. Augustine. When I'm in that area of town, I hear voices of the past. Many times I just sit and tune in to how it felt to live there back then, what clothes where worn, what foods were eaten? I smell foods cooking and the wood fires (clairscentully). I feel the energy of soldiers and, often, hear the sound of barnyard animals. Take time to ask your angels to help you tune in and see what you feel, see or hear.

Flagler Collage:
As I walk these grounds, I allow myself to go back to the late 1800's.  I visualize the people of that era and feel the excitement of being at this luxurious, state-of-the-art hotel. I think of the long train ride to escape the cold northern winters and the relief of being in the Florida sunshine. Ask your angels to guide you back in time.  What were the customs of the day?  Imagine yourself having a meal or perhaps taking a stroll through town.  Allow the angels to guide you forward in time to the modern era of Flagler college.  As I come forward in time, I feel the excitement and anticipation of the generations of young people coming here for higher education. What they learn here will not only impact their own future but it will help to shape the future of the planet.

Spanish Military Hospital:
This is a place of mercy and compassion.  A hospital was built here during the 2nd Spanish colonial period, which was 1784-1821.  This site now features a museum of military hospital life in the late 1700s.  There was an apothecary to try to make remedies to ease suffering and a special prayer-mourning room where family members and priests would gather for prayer and last blessings for patience.  Here is where angels waited to help the deceased cross over.  

And God said, "Let there be light" and there was light (Genesis 1:3).   St. Augustine’s guiding light was originally built in the 1600s by the Spanish.  The present Lighthouse was built in 1874.  St. Augustine’s lighthouse has been a welcoming guide to many weary sailors. 

 Ancient Wisdom:
Ancient wisdom states that earth has a natural energy system that can be observed and measured.  It is a bridge to infinity.  Native Americans called it Spirit Paths.  They would use power points for healing and shape-shifting.  Australian Aborigines called it Lines of Song and other-worldly music was often reported as being heard.  The British called it ley lines and there is written documentation about ancient stone circles and many chapels being situated on these lines of energy.  Asians referred to it as the Dance of the Dragon and often reported mysterious balls of light in these areas of power.  There is much unexplained phenomena that happens at ley lines and vortices.  Science can't seem to explain it, but here in St. Augustine, we have a wealth of these energy centers and Sacred Sites.  I don't believe that it was by accident that we are the Oldest City in America.  Often when I go to the beach to cloud gaze and breath in the negative ions that are produced by the oceans waves, I feel more balanced and stress melts away.  These negative ions give me a natural positive feeling that many experience from the movement of water (even after just a cleansing rain).  I also experience a natural balancing energy when I am at a Sacred Site.  At these points of power, we receive and can transmit the awakening of our Sacred Self.  Its at these places where we can easily experience the merging of our emotional, mental and Spiritual Being. Could it be that somewhere through human history we went wrong and lost this connection? Come and rediscover who you truly are through these natural Earth Energy Spots.     

     Blessings, Carri

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